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Rebecca’s success in the executive search space has come from her own real-life experience from both sides of business in mid and large corporates as a General Manager, Sales Manager and Country Manager in the Middle East. Rebecca was always entrepreneurial, having founded and built successful retail multi-chain beauty businesses across the country and later selling after 18 years at the helm, before entering the corporate world.

You can teach a skill but you can't teach an attitude.

Rebecca’s vast knowledge and experience in building her own local and global business has taught her first-hand that other busineses experience similar staffing/procedural gaps and requirements; that attracting, sourcing and keeping the right people for the right role is challenging. Laurence Recruitment is passionate about helping your business fill this gap and meet your individual requirements which is vital to ensure business success.

Rebecca’s passion and innate ability to grow long-term, valued relationships has not only come from pounding the streets and knocking on doors, but from her prior experience as an industry leader. Her experience allows her to know what many of Australia’s leading organisations are feeling, and as a result, what they need. After speaking with Rebecca, you will soon hear that she nurtures all her relationships by having a genuine interest in people, and a love of solving their recruitment or career goals, whilst having empathy for their journey and experience.

That’s why for many years, regardless of job market variations, we’ve heard and it’s finally being understood within industry – good people are hard to find.

On a personal level, Rebecca mentors young people and families who haven’t had the easiest of starts in life, to reach their potential and find a future that gives them financial security, and a rewarding belief in themselves through successful education and careers.

Rebecca is an advocate for The Smith Family charity, and groups who help disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

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